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Shelby Bonnie, CEO and Co-founder

Shelby Bonnie

Chairman & Co-founder

CNET Co-founder & former CEO, IAB

Tyler Malone, Front-End Engineer

Tyler Malone

Front-End Engineer

Rabble, InvisionHeart

Neil Menne, Analytics Engineer

Neil Menne

Analytics Engineer


Will Rice, Machine Learning Intern

Will Rice

Machine Learning Intern

Masters Candidate

Elizabeth Ropp, UX/UI Design

Elizabeth Ropp

UX/UI Design


Brent Spell, CTO

Brent Spell


OpenTable, HEALTHCAREfirst

Mike Tatum, Business Ops and Product

Mike Tatum

CEO & Co-founder

CNET, Whiskey Media

Noel Weichbrodt, Solutions Engineer

Noel Weichbrodt

Solutions Engineer


Timmy Willison, Front-End Lead

Timmy Willison

Front-End Lead

jQuery Core Team Lead, OpenTable

Josh Ziegler, Conversation Engineer

Josh Ziegler

Conversation Engineer

OpenTable, Masters in Linguistics

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